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What is a Noter? Well a Noter is the small, usually wooden, stick or dowel that a player uses to 'Fret' the strings on an Appalacian mountain, or lap dulcimer. The problem with sticks or dowel is that they are usually softwood and wear down within a very short time, hence the need for a proper noter made from hard woods with a proper handle to grip. All mine are made from selected hard wood, some are solid all the way through, some are 2 woods combined a hardwood handle and an even harder finger made from ebony or ironwood or oak. This makes the noters individual and no 2 are exactly the same. All my noters come with a free Plectrum, some have a leather cord depending on design. Please check the 'About us' page to see how to order, thanks.

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Here are a selection of Noters I have for sale, please click on the thumbnail for a larger view

01. A palm noter made from solid Mahogany approx 4.2" long £10.99

02. A palm Noter made from solid Sweet Chestnut approx 4.75" long £10.99

03. A palm Noter made from solid Walnut approx 4.75" long £10.99

04. A Whistle Noter! Made from all solid Walnut, a slimline design with a toot toot whistle in the handle, leather thong and plectrum included £12.99

05. Spalted Beech and Walnut with Cabochon. With Plectrum £12.99

06. Whistle! Solid Oak with a Walnut finger, thong and plectrum £12.99

07.Mahogany chunky noter with a 20g shotgun cartridge end cap.


08. Spalted Beech with Oak finger + 20g cartridge cap + plectrum £12.99

SOLD. 09.Solid Walnut with Oak finger, Hand stippled design with a .410 shotgun cap plus a plectrum. £14.99

10. Bog Oak noter with Oak finger + Turquoise Cabachon and plectrum. £10.99

11. Slimline Oak with Walnut finger. Whistle too! £12.99

12. Hardwood handle with solid ebony finger. Black cabochon in the end with plectrum £10.99

13. Cherry and oak palm noter with yellow cabochon + plectrum. £10.99


14.Slimline Walnut and Oak Noter with leather thong and plectrum and a white crazed cabochon in the end £10.99